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Elegance Shines in Kitchen Remodel with a Charming Farmhouse Sink as the Focal Point.


This comprehensive renovation project showcases the fusion of modern functionality with the preservation of historical charm, a testament to creative solutions and meticulous craftsmanship.

Sturdy Foundation Repair Accompanies Clifton Kitchen Addition Project

Commencing in 2022, this project involved the meticulous renovation of an older residence, a task rife with considerations. Aging structures often harbor delicate electrical wiring and manifest settling or cracking in foundations, resulting in uneven floors or walls. The garage wall necessitated elevation, with reinforced rebar pillars driven 32 inches into the ground to support the constructed sunroom. Proactively addressing these challenges with innovative solutions laid the foundation for a seamless space transformation.

Preserving the original architectural style was paramount to the homeowner, who envisioned this addition seamlessly connecting to the rear of the house. The outcome included a splendid kitchen island with a barn-style sink and a sunroom ideal for morning repose or winter storage of tropical plants.

Charming Farmhouse Sink Highlights Kitchen Remodel Eleganc
Bright and Spacious Kitchen Sunroom

Structural modifications encompassed the addition of stairs at the rear and a 5-foot roof extension. Comprehensive insulation was implemented for the ceiling, walls, and floor demarcating the garage from the sunroom. Eight tall windows and a full glass door were strategically integrated, facilitating a seamless integration of natural charm into the living space.

To achieve a more open kitchen layout, a substantial brick wall and window were removed, necessitating the installation of a masonry metal beam lintel to bear the structural load. This transformation yielded an expansive, flowing floor plan conducive to gatherings of varied sizes.

Contemporary Kitchen Island with open floorplan and can lighting after kitchen renovation

On the opposite side of the sunroom, a supplementary bathroom and a butler’s kitchen were added. Plumbing complexities were addressed through careful jackhammering of cement to accommodate waste and water supply lines. A notable detail involved crafting custom wood trim to mirror the original house's design, a discontinued style. Additionally, an old basement-stored door was repurposed, with a custom-made door frame fashioned by resizing the door to fit seamlessly.

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