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Transformed cramped kitchen into an open floor plan with hidden spice racks, slide-out trash, USB-C chargers, and elegant crown molding. LED lighting highlights blue porcelain tiles, while custom bubble glass showcases glassware collection. Bracing in the basement supports a 10-foot island with bar seating and patio doors for natural light.

Eliminated obstructive barrier and cosmetic pillars to craft an inviting open floor plan.

The original kitchen cramped was separated by the dining room by a non load bearing wall. We removed this unnecessary barrier and removed some cosmetic pillars to create a welcoming open floor plan. 

We created an asceticly clean minimalistic look by adding 2 hidden spice racks, slide-out trash and recycling, and hidden USB-C chargers on the island.Also, a 3 tier crown molding provided additional depth and a clean feel to accent the cabinet inlay. 

Achieved a sleek, minimalist appearance with concealed spice racks, slide-out trash and recycling, and hidden island USB-C chargers. Enhanced depth and cleanliness with a three-tier crown molding complementing the cabinet inlay.
Undermount LED light strips illuminate the blue porcelain tile for captivating accent lighting day or night. Custom bubble glass showcases the kitchen glassware collection

Undermount L.E.D. light strips accent the blue porcelin tile creating accent lighting during day or night. We also had custom bubble glass made to show off the kitchen glassware collection. 

We had to provide extra bracing in the basement to accommodate the weight of the 10-foot island and granite countertop weight. This provides bar seating for 4 people with exterior morning light from two 6 ft. patio doors.

Reinforced basement with additional bracing to support the weight of a 10-foot island and granite countertop. Accommodates bar seating for four, with morning light pouring in through two 6-foot patio doors
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