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Art Deco Vanity with Chic Mirrors and Lighting, Showcasing a Distinctive Oakley Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel with a Unique Oak Countertop.


Explore the seamless fusion of contemporary and 1920s charm in this exquisite bathroom project! Collaborating with homeowners who have a clear vision is always a delight. Opting for timeless elegance, we chose classic white tiles with gold trim to capture the essence of the era.

Contemporary Bathtub with Sleek Subway Tile and Niche in Cincinnati Bathroom Renovation

Precision is key when aligning a custom shower niche with the tile, and I prefer using WEDI backing for its watertight properties and ease of installation compared to traditional cement board. This ensures an exact measurement and a flawless installation.

Witness the sophistication of a custom double vanity top resting gracefully upon Walnut cabinets, adorned with captivating clover leaf mirrors and lighting that exudes a luxurious hotel ambiance. Skylights generously drench the room in natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Custom Art Deco Vanity with Stylish Mirrors and Lights, Featuring a Unique Countertop in Oakley Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel
"Elegant White Subway Tiled Shower with Triple Niche, Tiled Ceiling, Gold Shower Trim, and Bathroom Fan

Adding the perfect finishing touch, we tiled the bathtub ceiling and incorporated a Bluetooth shower fan for modern functionality. The floor, adorned with white diamond-shaped tiles, completes the captivating design. Experience the marriage of classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality in every detail of this exceptional bathroom.

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